Our Team

Virtex Additive Manufacturing was founded by industry experts.  Each of our team has decades of 3D printing experience and are among the original inventors of 3D printing technology.  We are experts in motion systems, control systems, print heads, materials development, and product design.  We've developed many examples of printers, print heads, and print controllers.  We know how to create the most capable subsystems and how to integrate them together to form a world-class product.

William Swanson

William Swanson is the inventor of today’s standard architecture for Industrial 3D printing and  one of the world’s leading technical experts in 3D printer design with 20 years experience developing 3D printer technology and 3D printer products. 


He has extensive technical and leadership experience including several successful startups and has worked in various industries from spacecraft to implantable medical devices, and custom production machinery.


He is known for deep technical understanding and reducing complex assemblies and concepts to their simplest level. This experience creates the perfect opportunity to dramatically lower the cost of industrial 3D printers while improving performance. 


William is one of the industry’s leading patent holders with over 100 3D printing patents and remains actively innovating, skiing, running, mountain biking as well as building and flying experimental aircraft.

Kevin Johnson

 Kevin’s work life is centered around engineering and innovation. After receiving double majors from Luther College in math and physics, his engineering career can be loosely divided into three parts: design and consulting, medical device, and 3d printing.


He is a technical leader and a valued collaborator whose list of dozens of patents sheds light on his innovative mindset. Kevin’s broad base of experience bolsters his success in the additive manufacturing field. After 15 years engineering 3d printers for Stratasys, Makerbot and Ultimaker, he has gained a deep understanding of the technology. Kevin is aware of its current capabilities and drawbacks. He has also identified areas ripe for improvement. He is very excited to be instrumental in delivering the best in 3d printing and is perfectly poised to do so.

Bill Priedeman

Bill began his career as an analytical chemist in the 1970s. After receiving his BA in Chemistry, he attended graduate school to attain his MS in Chemical Engineering.

Joining 3M in 1982, he was introduced to polymers and polymer processing along with robust tools for process and product engineering. In 1989, he left 3M for Pfizer to lead a group focused on polymeric extrusions and coatings for balloon and guide catheters. In 1991, he joined a very small start-up called Stratasys. It was there that he developed a multitude of processes and products for Stratasys and their FDM technology. His contributions include filament extrusion processes; FDM model and support materials (ABS, PC, PPSF, Ultem™ 9085, ESD, FST, etc., and Brake-away supports, SR-supports, and water-dispersible supports); and numerous patents. With over 30 years of experience in 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing, Bill is passionate about developing products that thrill the customer and are affordable, robust, and easy to use.

Virtex AM has set its sights on exactly that!