We are proud to offer expert engineering consulting.  With many years of experience we can help solve problems, evaluate solutions, and help you determine where additive manufacturing can work for your business.


We can evaluate another party’s 3d printer, its design, or identify the source of problems you may be experiencing.


We can help determine if additive manufacturing is a good fit for your business.  And we can help you take the next steps as well.


If you have an application that may require specialty 3d printing materials, we can help select, facilitate and develop these materials so you can achieve your goals.  


We help investors and buyers evaluate technology for potential acquisitions.  If you are considering an investment in the additive manufacturing field, you would be wise to secure our help in determining the value of the technology.

We are often called on to produce CAD files for replacement parts.  We would be happy to do this for you as well.  In addition, we are experts at product development and can help you design your next product.


And, if you need an outside and unbiased design review, our experience could be exactly what you need.